Rev. Robert Recio -

The God Who Comforts and Confounds (Habakkuk 1:1-2:1)


In our introductory sermon through Habakkuk, we looked at the burden of God’s silence in the face of the prophet’s cries. In this week’s passage, God responds to Habakkuk, but instead of relieving Habakkuk’s concerns, he only increases them, forcing him to work through what it means to have faith. Through the trials and travails of life, God may not comfort us in the way we want or expect, but he will, in his faithfulness and love, comfort us in the way we need.

From Series: "Habakkuk"

A minor prophet, Habakkuk speaks to God’s people living in a world that's not the way it's supposed to be. It speaks to the suffering and pain we see and also the providence and promise-keeping character of God, who never ceases to bring about his purposes. It’s a small and at times difficult book that speaks powerfully to those who cry in response to this broken world, “How long, O Lord?”

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