What to Expect

If you’re like most people at Christ Presbyterian, this will be the first Presbyterian church you’ve ever attended. We often explain what we’re doing in the worship service so that people don’t get lost. We also take time to train our kids in the worship of the church because we want them to be participants not just observers. Whether you’re new to church or just new to this kind of church, we think you’ll feel at home with us.

So, what should you expect the first time you visit CPC?

Roots that Refresh

Our service has an intentional structure designed to reflect our belief that worship is a conversation between God and His people.  We invite you first to consider why you have come to worship by reflecting on a thought, a verse, a lyric, or a quote.  Then, we all respond to God’s calling us to worship Him.  But, upon responding to that call, we realize that we must be reminded of the cleansing given to us through Christ.  God then gives us His charter as we hear Him speak through the Scripture.  That is followed by the heavenly feast called communion.  God dismisses us with His blessing in the commission. These five movements make up our “liturgy” and they reflect the kind of worship Christians have engaged in for nearly 2,000 years.

Your Children

We love kids!  And we try to make them feel welcome during our worship service.  You can help your children profit from the service by helping them follow along in the bulletin.  We have clipboards with a Kid’s Sermon Notes page to help keep them occupied and focused. We also offer a staffed nursery during the service for your young children, infant through three-years old.  Children aged five and above sit with their parents during the service.

The Lord’s Supper

Our church partakes of the Lord’s Supper every week.  We welcome to the table all baptized Christians who are trusting in Christ alone for their salvation, have made public profession of their faith, and are accountable as members of a local church. We offer wine (red) and white grape juice and gluten-free unleavened crackers.


Each Sunday we choose songs that will help us sing our praises to God as a body of Christians.  This means that the songs we sing must be songs that the entire church can sing and they must reflect the Christian life in real and substantial ways.  We strive to find and sing songs of many different ages and eras, longing to sing God’s praises with Christians throughout history.  Practically this means that we sing hymns, biblical psalms, contemporary songs, and new tunes to old songs.  This balance reminds us that we stand in the stream of historic Christian worship, a stream that is still flowing with praises to God.

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