About Us

Christ Presbyterian Church began in 2005 as a small Bible study made up of people who wanted to see a new Christ-centered church in the Temecula Valley. That original vision is still intact and on display every Sunday. When you worship with us, you are brought face to face with Jesus—his life, his death, his ministry for us today at the right hand of God, and his coming again. We fervently believe that our lives need to be shaped by the message of Jesus, what the Bible calls “the gospel,” because it is only as we are formed and reformed by that good news that we are able to love God and love our neighbor.

At CPC, we describe ourselves using five words:

Historic: Apostolic faith

We know that we’re part of a body of believers that is older than our own journey of faith.  We value and rely on the faithfulness of men and women of generations past who sought to love and follow God in societies and eras very different from our own.  We aim to do nothing more than believe the same God, preach the same Bible, and love our neighbors in the same way that Christians have done since the days of the apostles.  We’re not reinventing the wheel here.  We’re just trying to be faithful.

Protestant: Reformation heritage

The story of Christianity is, unfortunately, a story of strife and division.  We are all sinful and even though we strive to worship the same God and believe the same Bible, error can sometimes sneak into the church as we value traditions over Scripture or accommodation over faithfulness.  We believe that by the mid-sixteenth century, the church was being corrupted by false teachings and power plays. In the midst of this strife, several reform movements were started to try to purify the church from the inside out.  The most significant of these reform movements centered on the teachings of men like Martin Luther and John Calvin.  With them the Protestant Reformation began and we follow their emphasis on the sufficiency of Scripture, the centrality of Christ, the freedom of grace, the foundation of faith, and the focus on God’s glory (the five solas of the Reformation).

Evangelical: Christ-centered

With other evangelicals in other denominations, we affirm the importance of sharing the good news of Christ’s life, death and resurrection with Christians and non-Christians alike.  We all need Jesus to live for us, give us his righteousness, and die in our place for the sins we have committed and continue to comit.  Our preaching, therefore, concentrates on the story of Christ as it is found in every verse from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.

Presbyterian: Connected

We can’t do it on our own, nor should we trust ourselves to be our own ultimate authority.  We are in fellowship with other churches in southern California who hold us accountable and encourage us in our ministry.  We join with them in confessing a common faith summarized in our creeds, confession, and catechisms.

Church: Unique purpose

Only the church has the message of salvation.  You can find helpful hints and tips for living in many different places, but here you’ll receive the words of life, converse with God, and be fed for your spiritual pilgrimage.  The church is God’s outpost, announcing the coming of the king and equipping his subjects to worship, love and serve him in their daily lives.

At CPC, we identify our purpose using our six core values:


Our passion for reclaiming biblical Christianity will in some measure determine who we are, how we make decisions about our faith and practice, and how we relate to both Christians and those who do not yet follow Jesus.


The gospel changes everything.  Typically we think of the gospel as the “ABC’s” of the Christian life.  But what if the gospel was more than just the entrance into a relationship with God, but the entirety of our relationship: the “A-Z” of the Christian life?  How might that change our perception of our worship, our relationships, and our everyday callings?


Everyone is looking for the secret to a relationship with God.  We’re busy pursuing “forty days” of this and “seven easy steps” to that, thinking that such activities will help us grow as Christians and ultimately lead us into a closer relationship with God.  But God knows that we are weak!  He hasn’t left us like orphans to fend for ourselves.  He has provided the keys we need for a more dynamic relationship with him.


The Temecula Valley is filled with families and that presents both opportunities and challenges to new churches.  God has a lot to say about families in the Bible and we want to help families see God at work in these “little churches.”  We value whole-family participation in the life of the church and will do our best to make sure that every member of your family hears the good news of God’s work for them in Christ.


Amidst all the confusion over the nature and mission of the church, it’s important to know what God purposes the church to be: an outpost of the kingdom, a safe place where sin can help point us to Jesus, a family for the widow and orphan, and a place of rest for pilgrim souls.


We desire to be a church for the Temecula Valley, not just a safe haven from the “evils” of our society.  Our worship of God will naturally lead the members of the church to establish relationships with friends and neighbors, interact on important social justice issues, and support the endeavors of our community’s members as they are gifted by God’s common grace.

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