Rev. Jeremiah Rivera -

Born to Love (1 Peter 1:22—2:3)

The Book of 1 Peter

Have you ever been so familiar with something that you feel like you know it like the back of your hand, but then one day you see something in it you’ve never seen before. It has been there for years but you had no idea what a gem it was. This week in 1 Peter, we will see just what Peter is saying in these verses and how it points to many other verses in the Scriptures and is part of the central message that Jesus has given to us, to love one another.

From Series: "The Book of 1 Peter"

Sometimes it seems that God is speaking truth into our lives at the perfect time. This is not coincidence. This is a sign of God’s perfect providence. Our spiritual forefathers have stated that God governs all of His creatures and their actions through his works of Providence. They came to hold this belief from books like 1 Peter. In this series through 1 Peter, we will see the deep love and control of God over our lives, how He is weaving us into His great plan. Peter wrote this book to show that by seeing God’s awesome power and control we would entrust ourselves to His care, standing firm in the faith we have in Jesus, our rock and cornerstone.

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