Senior Pastor

We are looking for a pastor experienced in expository preaching of God’s Word and,

  • who declares the Word of God boldly, and presents the people with both the Law and Gospel
  • who will lead us in our liturgy, inviting us to the Lord’s table every week
  • who will share our struggles regarding the Christian faith and will provide opportunities for people to reflect on our beliefs and doubts individually and together
  • who will take an active role in teaching the scriptures, and leading studies and Sunday school to provide instruction on things like Church history, theological topics, and the tenants of the Westminster Confession
  • who will take on administrative responsibilities and encourage the congregation to use their ideas and skills
  • who will encourage the congregation regarding the proper place of financial giving, and will plan for the wise stewardship of church finances
  • who can identify the needs of our members, develop discipleship and educational programs to meet those needs and train church officers and develop leaders

For more information on this position:

Senior Pastor Job Description


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