UPDATED Community Discipleship Project

In January, we began a whole-church reading program that will take us through the Bible while also giving us an opportunity to memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Even if you have only read or memorized sporadically (or have not yet begun), you can pick up at any time with the readings for the day.

We printed off the original guides and updated second quarter reading schedule. From now on, we will post the schedules online for your convenience (and to save a few bucks in printing costs).

If only need the third quarter reading schedule (July through September), please click here: Third Quarter Reading Schedule.

If you need the entire guide, including helps for reading and praying as well as the updated third quarter reading schedule, please click here: 2015 CPC Community Discipleship Project.

God in Christ has done everything He requires to reconcile sinners to Himself.

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