Spring Sunday School

This week our Spring Sunday School session begins with classes available for kids from pre-school to adults. Our youngest kids class will begin working through a survey of the Bible focusing on how all of the Scriptures ultimately point to Christ, while our older elementary class will be working through the basics of Christianity.

Our adult class will be looking at the topic of covenant theology. We often talk about or allude to covenant theology and so for the next few weeks we will explore what exactly it is and how covenant theology helps us to better read the Bible and discern how we are to live out our day-to-day Christian lives. Hope to see the whole family at 9:30!

Acts: The Church’s One Foundation

This month we return to our study in Acts at what many consider to be the very heart of the book, the Jerusalem Council in chapter 15. This ancient deliberation of the early church that navigated Jew-Gentile relations stands as a central event in redemptive history and is absolutely relevant for the church in every age. Ultimately Acts 15 is all about determining and confessing the very heart of the Gospel. In Acts we read of the church being built up with men and women from the nations joining the body of Christ, not through external rites or obedience to Moses’ law, but through faith in Jesus as the crucified and resurrected Messiah. This is the kind of news and reality that defines a people and has everything to do with how we relate to one another as people of the crucified and risen king!

God in Christ has done everything He requires to reconcile sinners to Himself.

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