O that Birth Forever Blessèd

Last Sunday’s sermon was about the hopes, expectations, and faithfulness of Mary, as the angel Gabriel announces to her God’s plan of salvation in the birth of Jesus. The first couple of weeks in this advent series we’ve seen the testimony of creation (Jesus is the firstborn of all creation and the image of the invisible God), the testimony of the prophets (Jesus is Israel’s long-awaited redeemer), and now this week we turn to hear the remarkable testimony of his mother. A testimony that points to her need of the one she would carry in her own body. A testimony that directs our eyes to the God in whom she placed her trust. And a testimony that directs our eyes to the one in whom we find the forgiveness of sins and the promise of his kingdom of which there will be no end.

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Now He Shines the Long Expected

In our first sermon on Advent, we looked at the cosmically grand reality that Jesus is the image of the invisible God and firstborn of all creation. This week we turn our attention to Jesus as the long-expected Messiah foretold by Israel’s prophets. Far from the incarnation being a kind of Plan B to an initial failed redemption program of God, the Old Testament is the beautiful prelude to the redemptive work of God in Christ. The pages of the Hebrew Bible are filled with anticipation and longing that find their fulfillment in the Word made flesh.

Listen to last Sunday’s sermon here.

God in Christ has done everything He requires to reconcile sinners to Himself.

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