This Weekend at CPC

Moving party for the Carters is happening tomorrow at 8am.

Sunday School continues at 9:30 on Sunday mornings.

We’ll be looking at Judges 6 and the call of Gideon as we continue in our sermon series in Judges. Gideon is one of the best known and widely (mis?)interpreted judges. Was he faithful or was he the first in a line of wayward judges in Israel? We’ll explore this question but also see something that resonates with each and every one of us. Gideon’s story is one of a man racked with fear. The famous story of the fleeces, as we’ll see, was never about discerning God’s will (Gideon know God’s will!), it was all about condescending to Gideon’s fear and allowing fearful Gideon to be faithful to his calling. We too are confronted with various fears that threaten to take us away from doing the will of God. And yet God still condescends, and he does so in even more powerful ways than even mighty Gideon experienced.

God in Christ has done everything He requires to reconcile sinners to Himself.

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