It’s Friday!

…But Sunday’s Comin’!

Happy Friday everyone!

Another rainy Friday! Praise God for it; we need as much as we can get.

As many of you enjoy a long holiday weekend, please also remember to pray for those men and women (some of them even from your own families) who died while fighting in our nation’s wars. Pray, too, for those who continue to serve in our nation’s military, especially that God would bring them safely home.

Parents, last Sunday’s new snack routine was a great success. We’re continuing to improve it by doing something slightly different this week. We’ll have a “host” who passes out the snacks. Please encourage your kids to walk calmly to the table and wait patiently. They will only get one snack until everyone has been served. If you are bringing snacks, please try to arrive early enough to help plate them. If you would like to assist us in this project in the future, please speak with Nancy Mallon.

Vacation Bible School registration begins THIS Sunday. We still need additional volunteers. Please see Meredith LaBonte for additional information.

Sadly, this Sunday we must say goodbye to Adam and Amanda Phillips and their girls. Adam graduates from Westminster Seminary next week and they will be returning to the Pacific Northwest, where Adam will begin working at a local church. Please be sure to sign the picture frame and say a personal goodbye.

I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!

In Christ,
Eric Landry

It’s Friday…but Sunday’s comin’!

Happy Friday everyone!

One small schedule change to bring to your attention: we’ll be taking a break from our twice monthly young adult study at the Weavers until Silver and Lisa Gonzalez get settled in their new home. Please continue to pray for Silver’s dad who is now at home recovering after suffering heart failure.

Vacation Bible School registration begins on May 24th. We still need additional volunteers. For the first time in our church’s history, we’ll host VBS at a local park! We hope to expand our reach to families and kids who do not attend church. We need your help. Please see Meredith LaBonte for additional information.

A few housekeeping issues:

  • If you are able, please sit toward the middle of the auditorium, leaving the sides and back row for new people or families with young children who might need to make a quick exit.
  • Remember to help your kids pay attention to the worship service. Don’t let them be a distraction to the people sitting around you.
  • Kids should not run through the auditorium, be on the stage, or play in the decorative bark in the front.
  • Watch your children around the parking lot.
  • Remember to turn off cell phone or tablet noises so that it doesn’t distract you or your neighbor from worship.

Thanks again to those of you who are using our new electronic giving option on the church’s website. One benefit of online giving is the consistency it allows you and your family. Finances and budgets can be difficult to manage when a payment is not set up automatically; recurring giving can alleviate inconsistencies in a monthly family budget. Plus, you can change the amount or method of payment at any time through your own account. We appreciate your support of Christ Presbyterian Church!

God in Christ has done everything He requires to reconcile sinners to Himself.

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