It’s Friday…but Sunday’s comin’!

Happy Friday everyone! This Sunday is our last week of Sunday school for the spring. Thanks to all of you who have made this a priority. In a few weeks, we’ll be sending out a brief and anonymous survey to get some feedback on Sunday...

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A New Way to Support Christ PCA

One of the new features of this new website is the ability to give to the church through the website. We’ve signed up with a software company called EasyTithe to create a safe and secure online giving portal. If you’re anything like...

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Worship: Whose Work?

Over at the Liberate blog, Zac Hicks has some fantastic thoughts on worship and liturgy, specifically who is doing what in worship. Here at Christ Presbyterian, we often say that worship is a “conversation between God and his people.”...

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Happy Friday!

It’s Friday…But Sunday’s Comin! Happy Friday everyone! We’re in the last few weeks of Sunday School and I hope you and your children can join us as we finish up our different studies. We have classes for children age 4 and...

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Take Christie a Meal

Here’s the link to sign up to take Christie a meal. Thanks for helping Christie out as she recovers from her knee surgery and is doing lots of rehab (she has to be on a controlled passive movement machine up to 8 hours a day). IMPORTANT...

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