It’s Friday…but Sunday’s comin’!

Happy Friday everyone!

This Sunday is our last week of Sunday school for the spring. Thanks to all of you who have made this a priority. In a few weeks, we’ll be sending out a brief and anonymous survey to get some feedback on Sunday school. Please join us tomorrow at 9:15 am and finish strong!

If you are able to bring some gently used or new toys and books to donate to the nursery, we’d appreciate it! You can bring them THIS Sunday and just drop them off in the nursery anytime before the service starts so we can incorporate them. We’re only doing this collection on this one day for now since we have limited storage space.

Our friends, Marc and Kelly Gonzales, are moving from Menifee to Hemet. They have asked for help loading their moving truck on Saturday, May 2nd. We’ll have more details as they become available, but please save the date for now.

We’ve recently unveiled a new page on our redesigned website. You can now give to the church online in a safe and secure manner. Click on the “Give” link in the upper right hand corner of the website to start the simple process. You can use a debit card or credit card. You can even set-up a recurring gift. Once you’ve used the system once, it will remember your basic information. You could even access the website on your smart phone and give during the worship service. You can read more about it on the blog.

Please remember that Christie Ross is in need of some meal help. We’ve set-up a meal calendar, which also has some additional dietary and delivery information. We would appreciate any help you can give.

Have a great weekend! I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.

In Christ,
Eric Landry

A New Way to Support Christ PCA

One of the new features of this new website is the ability to give to the church through the website. We’ve signed up with a software company called EasyTithe to create a safe and secure online giving portal.

If you’re anything like me, you almost never carry cash and you NEVER carry a checkbook around anymore. I think my family only writes two checks these days: to the hairdresser and the church! Unfortunately, that sometimes means that we forget to write a check to the church and then we discover that we’re behind a month or so in what we planned to give to support the church.

With our new giving portal, you can give a one time gift or set-up a recurring gift. It can come straight out of your checking account via a debit card, or you can donate with a credit card. You can also see your giving history anytime you log-in after your first donation to the church. You can even give through your smart-phone by logging onto our website while you’re sitting in church. Your gifts–online or in person–are always tax-deductible.

I often pray during the time that we collect your gifts during the worship service that it would not feel like “paying a bill” to the church. I hope that as you take advantage of this new process  of giving to the church it will continue to be an act of worship for you and your family.

Worship: Whose Work?

Over at the Liberate blog, Zac Hicks has some fantastic thoughts on worship and liturgy, specifically who is doing what in worship. Here at Christ Presbyterian, we often say that worship is a “conversation between God and his people.” When you pair that thought with Zac’s insights on liturgy, you come away with a full-orbed understanding of the who and what of worship. I commend it to you!

Four years ago, philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff initiated what would become a change in my perspective on worship by diving into the etymology of an often mis-defined word. We often hear that “liturgy” means “the work of the people.” Wolterstorff challenges that:

Read more.

Luke 24: Life in Light of the Resurrection

This Sunday we’ll spend another week considering an additional aspect of the Easter story, looking at Jesus’ conversation with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. We’ll spend time looking at how Jesus confronts his disciples with the reality of kingdom life in light of the resurrection and its implication in the lives of those two disciples 2,000 years ago and in our lives today.



Happy Friday!

It’s Friday…But Sunday’s Comin!

Happy Friday everyone!

We’re in the last few weeks of Sunday School and I hope you and your children can join us as we finish up our different studies. We have classes for children age 4 and older: younger elementary, older elementary, and teens. Our adult class is continuing its survey of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Our Young Adult’s Study, Youth Study, Women’s Bible Study/Prayer Group, and Men’s Study are continuing through the Spring. Check out the calendar on our website.

Our website has been redesigned! A big thanks to our Publicity and Communications Committee and especially Megan York for her design work and Sheldon Ivester for his photography.

Our friend, Christie Ross, recently had surgery and is need of some meal help. We’ve set-up a meal calendar, which also has some additional dietary and delivery information. We would appreciate any help you can give.

Have a great weekend! I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.

In Christ,
Eric Landry

Take Christie a Meal

Here’s the link to sign up to take Christie a meal.

Thanks for helping Christie out as she recovers from her knee surgery and is doing lots of rehab (she has to be on a controlled passive movement machine up to 8 hours a day).

IMPORTANT: She is on a diabetic diet, which means low starch/carb (no potatoes, bread, etc.), high protein, and no sugar, “sugar-free” is ok.

Please make sure all food is brought in disposable containers.

You’ll see we have the calendar open for multiple options – either bringing a meal on a Sunday (the 5th or 12th) that can go back with Christie on ice (so possibly something already frozen would work well) or delivering food to her if you live closer and/or that’s an option for you. Pick a date and option that works well for you and Cassie Recio will be monitoring and updating the calendar accordingly.

Please email ( or call her (951-551-9420) so she knows when to expect you on your scheduled day (you don’t have to worry about this if bringing your meal to church on Sunday, then just drop it off with the box/ice packs in the nursery BEFORE church).

If you don’t want to use, feel free to contact Cassie and she’ll update everything for you.

God in Christ has done everything He requires to reconcile sinners to Himself.

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