Was Jesus Born on Christmas Day

This scholarly article by Dr. Paul Maier argues that a December date is possible for the Nativity of our Lord. The author actually thinks that November is probable and marshals a great deal of evidence to answer some of the difficult questions that skeptics pose about the Bible’s historical reliability. I commend it to you!

A Quick Survey of Christmas Observance

This article from the Wall Street Journal is a great survey of how Christmas went from being primarily a religious holiday to a “family tradition.”

From the conclusion:

When he preached at Christmas, Saint Augustine acknowledged the associations between the still-dominant pagan rites and Christianity’s Feast of the Nativity. But the bishop of Hippo said that such associations should spur the faithful to deeper observance, not to downplaying the holiday altogether or tailoring it to the prevailing culture: “So, brothers and sisters, let us keep this day as a festival—not, like the unbelievers, because of the sun up there in the sky, but because of the One who made that sun.”

God in Christ has done everything He requires to reconcile sinners to Himself.

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